What's in a name?

Viridis Art Collective? What does Viridis mean and how do you pronounce it? Viridis is from the Latin and translates to green, fresh, lively and other such delights. It is also where we get the name for viridian green. We were drawn to Viridis because it beautifully and succinctly summed up our collective. Well, that and it's just cool as far as words go (all you logophiles out there will understand what we mean). The pronunciation is a bit more unusual. A good friend who was a Classics major tells us the correct way to say Viridis is "weary-dees." But since we are not fluent in ancient Latin, we will respond to folks who call us using a hard "V" as in "vear-e-dis." However you choose to pronounce it, we are glad you stopped by to learn a little bit about us. Take care